XI KANT KONGRESS, XI Congresso Kantiano Internazionale

The Categorical Imperative and the Universal Principle of Right

Michael Nance

Edificio: Facoltà di Agraria
Sala: sala Wolff
Data: 23 maggio 2010 - 14:30
Ultima modifica: 12 aprile 2010


What is the relationship between Kant’s fundamental principle of morality, the Categorical Imperative (CI), and his fundamental principle of right, the Universal Principle of Right (UPR)? This question has been the topic of considerable discussion over the last dozen years of scholarship on Kant’s Rechtslehre (RL). My paper is a response to Marcus Willaschek’s most recent installment in this debate. Contrary to Willaschek, but in agreement with Bernd Ludwig, Katrin Flikschuh, and others, I argue that Kant derives the UPR from the CI. I attempt to sketch such a derivation, and then respond to Willaschek's objections on the basis of my interpretation.