XI KANT KONGRESS, XI Congresso Kantiano Internazionale

Kant’s Conception of Internal Purposiveness Revisited - An Examination of a "Latent" Antinomy of Teleological Power of Judgment-

Masatoshi Shimono

Edificio: Facoltà di Agraria
Sala: sala Hume
Data: 23 maggio 2010 - 17:00
Ultima modifica: 12 aprile 2010


This article revisits Kant's theory of teleological power of judgment in the "Critique of the Power of Judgment". It aims to clarify how Kant overcame the formal apriorism of the "Critique of Pure Reason" and succeeded to develop a philosophical method that enabled him to treat the empirical individual entities, especially the organized beings, in the system. The discussion is consisted in three steps: 1. to define the internal purposiveness as 'Overwrite' on the entity 2: to present a latent antinomy of the teleological power of judgment concerning with the diachroneity and synchrony of purposiveness. 3: to show that the new definition of internal purposiveness could solve the second antinomy of teleology. As a conclusion, it is suggests this solution could contribute to the thematization of empirical individual entities in the critical philosophy.