XI KANT KONGRESS, XI Congresso Kantiano Internazionale

Construction, Necessity and Skepticism: Maimon’s "Coalition" Against Kant

Peter Graham Thielke

Edificio: Palazzo dei Congressi
Sala: sala Vico
Data: 24 maggio 2010 - 14:30
Ultima modifica: 13 aprile 2010


Kant adopts different tactics against his empiricist and rationalist opponents, but can this disjunctive strategy work against someone who endorses elements of both camps? While such a position might seem hard to formulate, if not wholly untenable, Salomon Maimon’s "Coalition-System" of Spinoza, Leibniz and Hume offers a view that combines—in a compelling fashion—rationalist and empiricist commitments; in so doing, he mounts an innovative challenge to Kant, by suggesting that Kant’s key arguments against Hume and Leibniz must appeal to an ambiguous notion of necessity.