XI KANT KONGRESS, XI Congresso Kantiano Internazionale

Kant’s Law of Peoples and the League of Democracies: How to Reconcile Human Rights with National Borders

Macarena Marey

Edificio: Facoltà di Agraria
Sala: sala Wolff
Data: 22 maggio 2010 - 14:30
Ultima modifica: 11 aprile 2010


The aim of this contribution is to show why the league or federation of free, fair republics (with the cosmopolitan goal of including every state) is the most plausible interpretation of Kant’s law of peoples, as well as the most coherent with the rest of his political philosophy. To back this thesis, I argue that the normative principles that guide a Kantian international rule of law are both sovereignty and human rights, and that the former is demanded by the latter. It is also contended that this league is the definitive and final institution in Kant’s project for the constitutionalization of the global order. Thus, I hold that the well-known interpretation of the league as an interim institution with the task of fostering certain historical conditions necessary for the voluntary formation of a world republic is inaccurate, as it relies on three flawed main arguments.